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Restoration, repair and maintenance

The company has full workshop facilities and is able to undertake a wide variety of work in house.

In addition to routine mechanical maintenance and repair we can provide fabrication and welding in a variety of materials.
We are also able to undertake most bodywork repair and restoration. Engine and gearbox work is handled by one of several partners with whom
we have close links. We have worked on a many marques of historic racing cars over the years and can often call on the assistance of those
who actually built and maintained the cars in period.

During the 2013-2015 seasons we prepared and provided track support on the following cars:

Formula 1 - Brabham BT 7, BT42, BT44, Lotus 80, Ferrari 312-T2 and T4, Matra MS80, Tyrell P34 (6-wheeler), Wolf WR1.
Formula 2 - March (712)
Formula Junior - Brabham BT6, Lotus 22
Sports cars - Osella PA1
Saloon car/GT car - Porsche 911S, Porsche 935

Logistics and Race Support

Kendle Adams Motorsport Ltd holds an International Vehicle Operators Licence and is fully compliant with all relevant legislation
We have a long wheelbase van and trailer and 38 ton Artic capable of carrying 5 cars, a full range of spares including engines
and all of the paraphernalia required at a circuit. We provide full track support at races and events throughout Europe.